In its wellness sector, Multiply Group invests in local and international companies that specialize in preventative healthcare, beauty, tele-mental health and other consumer and corporate wellness-related services.

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of wellness and related technologies by elevating the importance
of preventative healthcare. Newly emerging post-COVID-19 global trends include:

  • Multi-dimensional concept of wellness
  • Increase in personalization
  • Prevention preference over treatment
  • Rise in mental health awareness

In addition, a 2021 global McKinsey survey showed that 79% of respondents believe wellness is important to them, with 42% rating it a top priority.

Multiply Group’s wellness sector aims to capitalize on these trends and invest across the following six dimensions that holistically make up the wellness industry:

Better health, better fitness, better nutrition, better appearance, better sleep, and better mindfulness

Portfolio of companies includes:

Omorfia Group

Omorfia Group comprises personal care and beauty companies, namely Tips & Toes, Bedashing Holding Company and the Ben Suhail Group. The group consolidates consumer-centric businesses that are high-growth, recession-proof and with high purchasing power.


Ben Suhail Group

Founded in 2005, Ben Suhail Group is a partnership LLC headquartered in Dubai. The group has a long-standing experience in distributing beauty products from top brands and providing grooming services for women and men. The group operates through its three entities: Tips & Toes, Jazz Lounge Spa and Ben Suhail Distribution.

With 36 branches located across the UAE and KSA, Tips & Toes is one of the Middle East’s largest and most successful salon and spa chains. The company employs the most talented technicians and therapists and provide them with ongoing training at its in-house academies. As one of the longest standing salons in the UAE, Tips & Toes is committed to delivering five-star service and spa treatments at prices that are accessible to all. The services offered are all-inclusive ranging from personal and aesthetic care to bridal services, all set in luxurious spaces.


Jazz Lounge Spa is the modern man’s ultimate personal care destination . It is a gents-only spa and grooming lounge providing first-class styling and rejuvenation services by highly trained stylists and expert therapists. Operating in the UAE since 2014, the company has 7 branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.



With over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry, Ben Suhail Distribution L.L.C is a market leader in products distribution and trading activities of perfumes, cosmetics, personal care and accessories.

Founded in 2008, Bedashing Holding Company is an Emirati-grown company, currently operating 22 beauty lounges and salons across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK and Al Ain. One of the biggest players in the UAE beauty industry, the award-winning company offers retail cosmetics products and has an overall vertically integrated business model with 200+ world-class trained stylists, artists and therapists, and an in-house state-of-the-art training academy. A pioneer of innovative ideas, Bedashing is launching its digital transformation, providing its customers a seamless and personalized omni-channel experience.


A one-of-a-kind scalable telemedicine platform, HealthierU is an integrated provider of health and wellness services in the region. Developed in collaboration with global partners including Weill Cornell Wellness and Cardiovascular Preventative Medicine in New York, the platform uses a proactive management approach designed to identify the potential root cause of illness and address it to maintain wellness rather than treat symptoms. With the aim of offering users a personalized data-driven holistic health experience, HelathierU uses next-generation telemedicine on a secure, convenient and user-friendly app. The platform offers 24/7 access to online teleconsultation with specialists in areas like sleep health, fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing, working in longevity and wellness clinics worldwide. HealthierU aims to transform how healthcare is delivered by offering high-quality treatment and prevention plans to people from across the globe.