In its ventures sector, Multiply Group invests in steady cash flow companies having solid leadership and an exclusive understanding of the space they operate in. The Group identifies these top-performers and infuses them with capital to reach their full market potential and stay ahead of the economic curve.

While keeping a sector agnostic view, the Group is pursuing investment opportunities in companies conceptualizing and/or using the latest technology to disrupt the pre-existing models.

The following industries are currently on the Group’s radar: the largest beneficiaries of the post COVID-19 boom (e.g.: software, semiconductors, e-commerce) as well as smart technologies revolutionizing businesses and riding the industry 4.0 wave (e.g.: fintech, cybersecurity and green energy).

Portfolio of companies includes:

Established in 2000, Emirates Driving Company (EDC) is the sole Abu Dhabi provider of pre-licensing driving education and the government’s trusted partner for creating safer roads. As the leading drivers’ training and road safety institute, the company provides a traffic system that supports the emirate’s rapid population growth and urban development. Its strategic partnership with the Swedish National Road Authority (SweRoad) and close collaboration with leading universities in Europe further contribute to implementing the best practices in drivers’ training and road safety education in the emirate. EDC is continuously seeking to innovate its practices and is currently looking to digitize drivers’ training across other channels such as cinema screens.