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Multiply to bring virtual wellness and prevention to the UAE
21 Mar 2022

International Holding Company’s subsidiary Multiply Holding is preparing to launch the UAE’s first virtual wellness and prevention platform, HealthyU. The move complements IHC’s existing healthcare businesses, which include investments in Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Tamouh Healthcare and Quantlase Lab, adding preventative health to the ADX-listed holding company’s portfolio.

The tech-driven service aims to improve users’ holistic wellness by offering 24/7 access to online teleconsultation with specialists in areas like sleep health, fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing, working in longevity and wellness clinics worldwide. The easy-to-use HealthyU platform will also enable users to access advanced diagnostic services at labs across the UAE and health assessments, and will provide personalized, comprehensive solutions and advice such as fitness training and wellness plans, tailored to users’ needs and lifestyle.

HealthyU uses a proactive management approach that is designed to address and identify the potential root cause of illness, maintaining wellness rather than treating symptoms. The platform is being developed in collaboration with Abu Dhabi-based health tech company, G42 Healthcare, and global partners including Weill Cornell Wellness and Cardiovascular Preventative Medicine in New York and a Zurich-based private wellness clinic.

Samia Bouazza, CEO, Multiply Holding, said: “Multiply, an Abu Dhabi-based holding with more than 15 years of experience, is expanding its investments and business operations into tech-focused and fast-growing industries based on disruptive technologies. We’ve identified a particularly growing demand in the wellness and preventative health industries, especially in the consumer-friendly digital solutions. The global pandemic has heightened health awareness among the already highly digital-savvy UAE population. To serve this demand, our teams and partners in Abu Dhabi, Zurich and New York have built an incredible platform in HealthyU with the aim of offering personalized, precise and predictive solutions, which we look forward to bringing to the market.”

The economic burden of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes is increasing and will continue to increase. In the UAE, the government has made significant efforts to reduce chronic diseases. HealthyU will deliver proactive and preventative care direct to users at home.

The robust and scalable HealthyU platform has been built on a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model with strong security controls embedded throughout.

Lara Itani, Project Manager, HealthyU, concluded: “Digital opportunities and innovations in the field of wellness and longevity are increasingly taking center stage. There is no doubt that personalized health is tomorrow’s healthcare. HealthyU will provide tremendous value to its users as it will offer access to personalized plans, programs, and tips that help increase energy, mental alertness, productivity, immunity, and overall wellbeing. With only a click of a button, users can navigate and choose from a list of wellness specialties through the comfort of their homes.”

HealthyU is yet to launch in a pilot phase and will be available for users through the Apple App Store and Google Play store in the second half of 2021.

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